The exact tracks template I use on stage with Jesus Culture for live album recordings, tours, and Sunday at Church.
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The best way to layout your live rig to have clarity and complete control of your sound at all times.

Bus Tricks

The system of busses I use to quickly route, re-route, and create singular points of control - this is HUGE


What you should be using Ableton's Scenes for - get this right and the entire set becomes way easier to understand and efficient to run.

Efficient Color Coding.

How to color code your tracks in order to instantly understand what's happening and confidently and quickly make selections. you can finally feel confident in your Ableton set.
Hi, I'm Ian McIntosh
Producer and keyboard player at Jesus Culture, and I help keys and synth players master synthesis, sound design, and audio software.

I do this through my In Context Training method I employ at Synth University so you can produce better albums, design better sounds, and create more amazing sequences and arrangements.

The Perfect Ableton Template (part of the method I teach in A-Z Live Tracks In Ableton at Synth University) is responsible for helping thousands of keys/synth players, producers, and designers just like you feel confident and in complete control of their Ableton setup.

Without it, you waste your time troubleshooting, trialing complex solutions, and just hoping your setup works.

With it, you unlock the path to effortless control, complete stability, and cool confidence in your live setup.

Now, go forth and start creating!

What INDUSTRY LEADERS Have To Say About Ian
Jeremy Edwardson
Producer: Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe , Chris Tomlin

"Ian has mastered the art of keyboard layering, live performance, and sound design.
I highly recommend his resources."
Luke Hendrickson
Bethel Music: Keys, Production, Mixing

"Ian has made a large contribution to the sound of modern worship music. His vast knowledge of synthesis has helped me tremendously."

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