The iconic piano sounds featured on over 500 songs by Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, and more

The perfect piano patch. (An impossible, lifelong pursuit.)

I remember when I first started really getting into sound design and production. One of the fascinating problems I noticed (heard) was in how weird pianos sounded live - both in albums with post production, "real" live albums, or at concerts I saw. No matter the source, it seemed like most pianos would sound good bare and by themselves - maybe with classical music - but they sounded "plinky" and annoying when mixed live.

This became a bit of an obsession for me - after all, who really wants to sound like a toy when they are playing?

Once I figured out how to get the piano to fill out a mix, be warm, wide - and STILL be versatile... it changed everything. There was an almost immediate shift in sound across the industry - the code had been cracked. Pianos were no longer a mystery.

This bundle includes the patches I quickly became known for with Jesus Culture. In addition to my signature Real Piano patch, it includes a wide range of patches - electric piano, magical layers, and dirty patches.  

It's my hope that they solve the "piano problem" for you permanently.

1.) Real Piano
This patch is probably worth the entire bundle. This is the main piano heard on 99% of Jesus Culture songs, many Bethel Songs, the latest Kari Jobe, and more. It is extremely versatile, and has TONS of sustain. 

Where most pianos don't translate in a live environment well, this piano can sound beautiful, gritty, or fill space as needed.
2.) Chime Piano
A magical sound heard extensively on newer productions and sequences produced by myself or Jeremy Edwardson. Included many Kari Jobe songs and newer Jesus Culture tunes.

This works EXTREMELY well as a lead "layer" - it seems like whenever a part is "missing something," that I always end up coming back to this extremely useful patch.
3.) Rhodes
A Rhodes patch that focuses on sustain and low/low-mids. Unlike traditional Rhodes patches, this patch fills a ton of space when full chords are played around and below middle C. 

Most software has the "jam rhodes" available in some shape or form... but transforming those patches into this one can be tricky. Useful!
4.) CP-80
I've always been a huge fan of the CP-80. Whether heard on Keane or Sigur Ros, the distinct tone of the CP 80 is so unique. This is the one I use for the various Jesus Culture arpeggios heard across the albums.  

This patch is magical in the high end, with almost any level of reverb - even 100% sounds great on this one. It's also extremely useful as a layer for dynamics... piano/cp layers are awesome!
5.) Old Piano
This patch is the obviously "blocky" intro patch from the song "Sing Out" by Jesus Culture. It's also been used on a bunch of other songs. This has the character of a stranger, sort of "older" sounding piano. It's not nearly as pristene as most piano patches, and is very useful to have in your patch folder as an alternative texture and option.
6.) Dirty Upright
Sometimes, it's really great to have the "trashy" sounding Upright. This patch makes use of the Abbey Road Keyboard Refill "Challen" Samples. If you don't have access to that discontinued refill, there is an adapted patch in the Reason Essentials folder (included.)
7.) Texture Piano
A unique patch, it is a sort of mad combination of a pad and a piano. I noticed that when a certain piano patch, compression, and reverb settings were used... a really interesting white noise texture came through.  

I've used this to add movement and texture where nothing else really worked. When the ambient pads didn't quite sound right, an arpeggio using this patch proved very moving and inspiring. I'm sure there are other uses as well :)



Reason 6+

All patches are included in Reason format. These are the exact patches I use to record, play live, and sequence on hundreds of albums, songs, tours and more. 

Requirements: Reason 6+, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keys (Dirty Piano Only), Electromechanical (Free from Propellerheads - Rhodes Only)

MainStage 3

Includes 4 patches adapted for "Stock" MainStage. Real Piano, Chime Piano, and Rhodes are all recreated using the stock MainStage samples and effects. 

Requirements: MainStage 3

If you don't know me, I'm Ian McIntosh, Producer and Keyboardist at Jesus Culture, and founder of Synth University.
I help keys and synth players master synthesis, sound design, and audio software.

I do this through my In Context Training Method I employ at Synth University, as well as through my premium patches for Reason, Mainstage, Ableton, and Kontakt… so you can produce better albums, design better sounds, and create amazing sequences and arrangements. 

Dream Pianos is a collection of sounds responsible for the piano tone heard on hundreds of songs from Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, and more...

Without it, you waste your time doctoring your pianos endlessly - guessing how to get the right tone that will just "work".

With it, you instantly unlock legendary piano tone in your rig - just download and open the patch!
Now, go forth and start creating!


Dream Pianos Only
  • 7 iconic piano tones
  • All Available Formats
  • Instant Download


$240 Normally


  • Dream Pianos
  • ​+ Vast Pads
  • ​+ Atmosphere Pads
  • ​+ Luminous Juno-60
  • ​+ Vintage Synthesizers
  • EXCLUSIVE:  Limitless Synths
(Just $22.50 per bundle)

 How Do The Requirements Work Exactly - Will It Work For Me Or Not?!
These are patches you can download into various Audio Softwares to use in your setup - live or studio.

Depending upon the version you are planning on using, you may need additional files or software to get it working.  This is just because you're getting literally what I'm making for my own work :)

Kontakt Versions: Kontakt 5 only, no additional requirements
Ableton Sampler Versions: Ableton Sampler required, no additional requirements.
MainStage Versions: Nothing additional required
Reason: You'll need the same Refills I used - Atmosphere Pads has a patch that needs SR Retro Keys, Dream Pianos needs Reason Pianos and Abbey Road. The other patch bundles are stock-sample friendly.
 Why Is The MainStage Version "Lite"
Dream Pianos relies heavily on a sample pack called "Reason Pianos." It's not legal for me to re-sample those samples into other software... or I would :)

So, I made "recreations" or "lite" versions of any patches that made sense to recreate for MainStage and Reason using stock sounds. 

I haven't yet made recreations in Kontakt or Ableton... although I'm thinking about it this spring. When I do - you'd get them free of charge if you purchase today.
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