Attention: Keys Players, Synth Players, And Producers...


After 14 years training keys & synths players online, Ian McIntosh is closing the chapter on Synth University, his online workshops, and his previous programs.

This is going to sound crazy, but it's true...

Jeffrey Kunde and I have partnered to provide every "End Of An Era" customer not only lifetime access to Synth University, but also lifetime access to The Guitar Institute Pro+.  

So now you'll get $7450 worth of training for just $49.

Thanks, Jeffrey :)

"The past decade teaching online has been incredible. I've been fortunate enough to teach over 12,000 keys & synth players from around the world, but it's time to close this chapter and make way for what's next. But in order to get this into as many people's hands as possible, I want to give everyone one final chance to own it, at a price that they can afford."

"Through Ian’s educational material I have learned more in the last year than the past 6 combined. His attention to detail and in depth training is second to none!"

Devin Adkins
Synth University Alumni
Bottom Line Up Front: This final closeout bundle includes everything I've ever taught online.
From the first Digital Ninjas course through all the way to the workshops released in 2020/2021, through Synth U....  You'll find an incredible amount of resources that will help you:
  • Design your own sounds from scratch
  • ​Split and run tracks live on stage with a band - without spending hours and hours preparing.
  • ​Create a Live Rig that is stable, fun, and keeps you in complete control - fade volumes, sweep filters, run the set, and morph sounds in inspiring and fun ways live on stage.
  • Create song beds that other writers will be happy to co-write on top of
  • ​Upgrade your patch library
  • ​Discover the secrets behind Grammy Winning album productions
  • ​Record in the studio or at home
  • ​Master the usage of effects
  • ​Gain new samples, effects, and presets...
  • ​Program realistic and human sounding drums
  • ​Use Rhythmic Elements in your synths
  • ​Run a sound check
  • ​Understand and utilize basic mixing principles in every element of your DAW.
  • ​Have perfect transitions in a live band scenario - with tracks, between any key, without practicing it.
  • Stretch and morph sounds into crazy and inspiring background textures
  • Play better as a full band
  • ​Learn to improvise and play inspiring parts live and in the moment
  • ​Take 10 sounds and turn them into thousands of different patches

  • Unlock and be free on the guitar neck
  • Maximize your practice sessions
  • ​Master the Nashville Number System and learn the “Language of Music”
  • ​​Incorporate beautiful, unique and advanced chord voicings into your everyday playing
  • ​Learn the art of incredible guitar tone.
  • ​Learn to improvise and play inspiring parts live and in the moment.
Total retail value: $7449.97
Yours today for only $49

In one click, get lifetime access to:
Complete video courses and masterclasses
($2592.97 Value)
Templates in Ableton, Reason, Mainstage for production, live performance, and more...
($200 Value)
Assorted effects, presets, samples, and more 
($761 Value)


Get instant access to 34 premium resources worth $3593 in total retail value, including:
Synthesis 101
Master the secrets of sound design and synthesis that you'll use for the rest of your life (in music).
Discover how synths actually work and finally be able to chart your own course - whether designing your own sounds, creating inspiring textures... or even just finally hitting the "edit" button.
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
A-Z Live Tracks In Ableton
A groundbreaking workshop and tracks approach that will dramatically shortcut and simplify the path to a FUN and stable tracks rig in Ableton.
Learn how to split and run tracks capable of spontaneous moments... without the glitches or hours spent in file work and troubleshooting.
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Design your DREAM Live Rig, stay in complete control of your sound, and finally LOVE your live keys software setup.
The 120 minute video workshop where we go over my dramatic and powerful approach to live keys&synths performance. Unlock the potential of your software and starting getting creative in your software - live on stage.
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Effects MasterClass
22 videos. 6.5 hours. Learn all about reverb, delay, chorus, compression, eq and more. Learn how to use these effects to create amazing patches.
Do you struggle to know what to do with different effects? Every synth, keyboard, and software has what seems like 1 million effects built in. However, it's not always obvious the best way in which to use them.

This class is all about understand the main basic effects, and knowing how to go about using them - and why you would want to. Students get immediate context, as they hear and see exactly what I do to create awesome patches with various effects.
(Normal Price: $100.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Piano Tone MasterClass
14 videos, 3+ hours. The sought after piano tone behind Jesus Culture, Bethel, and MORE.
Do you struggle getting your piano patches to sound great? What if I told you there was a simple, repeatable process to get STELLAR piano tone, that works in nearly every piece of software?

In this course, I share my process to creating amazing piano patches - with examples from Reason, Alicia's Keys, The Giant, and more.

Learn the approach that has defined the piano sound behind Jesus Culture, Bethel, and Kari Jobe!
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Rhythmic Synthesis
3 hours of video: the fun, exciting uses of arpeggios, LFOs, filter gates, and more
How to approach the rhythmic elements of synthesis:
  • Understanding the capabilities of LFOs
  • ​Knowing how Filter Gates differ from LFOs, and how to use them creatively
  • ​Use cases that span from subtle and warm, to punchy and huge
  • Single note arpeggio examples
  • ​Poly arp examples
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Synth Patch MasterClass
A look at some of my favorite and most used synth patches and a deep dive into how and why they sound the way they do.
My unique style of creating patches that can be used in "infinite" ways and how you can take that into your creative endevours.
  • The process of creating amazing synth patches
  • ​Why some patches can be used in any song, album and genre
  • ​Look over my shoulder and recreate a myriad of sounds inluding the Tropical Pluck, the Useful Saw, Step Bass, Verby Lead, Poly Saw, PortaGlide Saw, and more
  • Learn how to dissect sounds in order to recreate them
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Chord forms, audio-contrast examples, and basic performance concepts for software users.
What most people learn on stage by trial and error, I'll show you directly.
  • How to choose sounds for a live set
  • ​Tracks vs patches
  • ​The best sound check strategy ever
  • Simple chord forms for pads
  • ​Simple piano patterns for beginners
  • ​Basic troubleshooting strategies
  • ​Live set controls and transitions
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Production + Sequencing Theory
The theories and concepts behind the way I approach production and sequencing.

The theories and concepts behind how I approach sequencing and studio work. In this series I lay out a repeatable framework and approach to creating consistently great sequences and arrangements.

Topics include dynamics, the frequency spectrum, the stereo field, layering, movement/intervals, and energy

Examples are taken directly from songs I recorded with Jesus Culture

(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Overdubbing, Studio Work
A hands on, behind the scenes look into my studio workflow - templates, tips, tricks to amazing and full sequences and studio sessions.
Look over my shoulder as I show you around my studio world. Inside students will find a lot of professional advice - including how to setup your demo templates, tips for working with clients, and specific tricks that can only be pulled off with software.

Practical Topics: Defining a great production, organizing your session, what to include in your templates, hard drive organization, working with clients

Tips/Tricks: duplicating/parallel/aux, octaves/pitch tricks, randomizing, humanizing, panning, reverse tricks, vocal textures, and more
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Instrumentals + Songwriting

How to create instrumentals and use them to co-write songs
Look through my sessions I've sent to clients to co-write on songs like Love Came Down, God I Look To You, and more.
  • Learn about the balance between too much and not enough
  • ​How dynamics differ in song writing and sequencing
  • ​How to best serve a lyricist or melody writer
  • A cheat sheet of chord progressions
  • ​Many practical examples that will show students how simple and easy the process can be
  • Practical business advice for creating a thriving song writing community
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Drum Programming
How to program realistic, great sounding drum beats for demos, pre production and more
  • How to humanize robotic drums
  • ​Understand the elements of drums that are naturally random
  • How to be objective with drum tone
  • How to turn any DAW into a step sequencer
  • ​The art of creating grooves that don't sound like a loop
  • Simple drum grooves to have in your back pocket
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Love has A Name Key&Synth Teardown
An exclusive, in depth look behind the scenes of the production/keys/synths of Love Has A Name - including video, files, and more...
This workshop is a rare chance to actually look over my shoulder see behind the scenes of the audio production of Love Has A Name. In it, I take students through the unique approach we took when opening songs, and what they need to know to be ready for the future. I look through 4 songs in depth and share the best keys/synth/production moments on the album and the theory behind why they work.

It's rare to be able to learn and gleam from the production process of albums. The time I've spent learning from professionals working in the studio is some of the best time I've spent - you won't want to miss this opportunity to jump in and learn.
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Masterful Transitions - The Art Of The In Between
The ideas and concepts you and your team need to know to pull off perfect transitions.
Have you ever thought about how little time is spent on understanding that small yet significant space in a setlist? It’s really a fascinating thought. How much silence is too much? What’s the best way to create seamless transitions? How do you allow for spontaneous while still keeping some amount of intentionality between songs?
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Discover the art science of creating beautiful, sustaining, ambient textures and drones.
  • Go well beyond simple 2 note drone pads, and create masterful, iconic sounding textures and tones.
  • ​Discover 5 ways to creatively utilize effects and create infinite sustain
  • How to take unique, unusual, and unlikely sounds and morph them into something new and useful.
  • Learn my exact process for experimentation with textures.
  • ​Understand how to take these ideas, and apply them live on stage.
(Normal Price: $50.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
The recordings of live sessions filmed with myself and Jeffrey Kunde - how we would approach building up a freelancer studio business from scratch.
If you've ever wondered "how should I go about starting my freelancer music business", then this workshop is for you.  Jeffrey Kunde and I riff on how we would build it from scratch, with no notoriety, and no contact.
(Normal Price: $197.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Steal My Secrets
5 incredible tricks you can take and implement today in your DAW - from a little known software, to a triple-layer organ, to a layer to make guitars come to life... lots of fun stuff in here.
(Normal Price: $99.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Streamed from my home studio, this seminar is 3 separate sessions that cover 3 separate sounds in depth: 2 hours for Pads, Pianos, and Synths
(Normal Price: $99.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
Keys & Synth Bootcamp
Streamed from my home studio, this seminar is 3 separate sessions that cover 3 separate sounds in depth: 2 hours for Pads, Pianos, and Synths
(Normal Price: $99.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
digital ninjas
The first program I released... while I was more soft spoken back then, the principles taught are still relevant today. 12 months of content archived for you to watch today.

Say hi to "baby Ian" for me ;)
(Normal Price: $1200.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
The Ultimate Ableton Channelstrip, Transcendent Shimmer, and Insta-pulse
(Normal Price: $120.00)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!
new BONUS 2: the guitar institute pro+ library
Jeffrey Kunde's elite guitar training school where you'll learn his unique and profound perspective on guitar tone, part writing, technique building, recording, theory, ear training, and more... it's 24+ courses, and is basically Synth U for Guitar.
(Normal Price: $3857.970)
  • Included In This Amazing Offer!

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Nick De La Sorte
Student // Synth University

"Ian has a knack for distilling complex subjects into small topics and teaching those to others in a clear and fun way. I will continue to subscribe to anything that Ian produces in the future."
Devin Adkins
Student // Synth University

"Through Ian’s educational material I have learned more in the last year than the past 6 combined. His attention to detail and in depth training is second to none!"
Shannon Weeks
Student // Synth University

"You aren’t getting ambiguous theory with Ian. You are getting practical, usable information that is extremely beneficial if you are willing to put it into practice."
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