A wide range of synth patches modeled after the analog synths of old.

I've tried to include a wide range of synths in this bundle in order to solve the inevitable problem with most synth patch bundles - they are never actually USEFUL - they are usually just weird, idiosyncratic synths used for very specific things.

But the thing is that those specific synths are actually the most difficult to create... so it's a huge timer saver when you need them... 

So I included both in this bundle. 

Wide ranging, full textured, analog style synths... along with specific boops, beeps, and rhythmic concepts. You'll find a lot to appreciate here.

I've done everything I can to build into the sounds imperfections like what you'd hear in the old analog synths. The result is something distinct and unique.  

I hope you love them :)




Reason 6+

All patches are included in Reason format. These are the exact patches I use to record, play live, and sequence on hundreds of albums, songs, tours and more. 

Requirements: Reason 6+, everything is stock

MainStage 3

All patches are included and working in MainStage 3. They sound great. 

Requirements: MainStage 3

Kontakt 5

(Currently in Beta -- available without support until Version 1 is released.)

All the patches are multisampled and available in to use with Kontakt. They sound great. Note: these do not work with Kontakt Player, but rather the full version of Kontakt. 

Requirements: Kontakt 5 (Full version - not just Kontakt Player)

Ableton - Sampler

(Currently in Beta -- available without support until Version 1 is completed)

All the patches are multisampled and available in Ableton's Sampler instrument. They sound great. 

Samplr is a part of Ableton Suite, or available as a separate $99 purchase. 

Requirements: Ableton 9+ w/ Sampler Installed

If you don't know me, I'm Ian McIntosh, Producer and Keyboardist at Jesus Culture, and founder of Synth University.
I help keys and synth players master synthesis, sound design, and audio software.

I do this through my In Context Training Method I employ at Synth University, as well as through my premium patches for Reason, Mainstage, Ableton, and Kontakt… so you can produce better albums, design better sounds, and create amazing sequences and arrangements. 

Vintage Synthesizers is a collection of sounds responsible for the synth tone heard on hundreds of songs from Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, and more...

With it, you instantly unlock 22 unique and useful synths in your rig - just download and open the patch!

Now, go forth and start creating!


Vintage Synthesizers Only
  • 22 iconic patches
  • All Available Formats
  • Instant Download


$240 Normally


  • Vintage Synthesizers
  • ​+ Vast Pads
  • ​+ Atmosphere Pads
  • ​+ Luminous Juno-60
  • ​+ Dream Pianos
  • EXCLUSIVE:  Limitless Synths
(Just $12.80 per bundle)


 How Do The Requirements Work Exactly - Will It Work For Me Or Not?!
These are patches you can download into various Audio Softwares to use in your setup - live or studio.

Depending upon the version you are planning on using, you may need additional files or software to get it working.  This is just because you're getting literally what I'm making for my own work :)

Kontakt Versions: Kontakt 5 only, no additional requirements

Ableton Sampler Versions: Ableton Sampler Instrument required, no additional requirements.

MainStage Versions: Nothing additional required

Reason: You'll need the same Refills I used - Atmosphere Pads has a patch that needs SR Retro Keys, Dream Pianos needs Reason Pianos and Abbey Road. The other patch bundles are stock-sample friendly.
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